Who’s a pretty boy then?

As a retired court lawyer, it has never ceased to amaze me how badly advised Oscar Wilde was when he brought a private prosecution against the Marquess of Queensberry for criminal libel. The alleged libel took the form of a calling card left with the doorman at Wilde’s club in which Wilde was described as... Continue Reading →

The Enright Saga continues

If you’re going to push your sister off a moving train, don’t do it somewhere where the Enright investigation team might be looking. When the body of a young woman is discovered inside a railway tunnel in a remote location in Wiltshire, the local police are baffled. Who was she, and where did she come... Continue Reading →

New book – The Night Caller

A shadowy presence is haunting London. Can anyone shine a light on the darkness? London, 1891 The city is still reeling from the brutal Ripper killings and now women are once more being sexually harassed. Someone is breaking into their homes, stealing their undergarments and leaving threatening messages behind. With no valuables stolen and no... Continue Reading →

The Gaslight Stalker

So what goes into the creation of an historical novelist?  A self-belief bordering upon arrogance, limitless quantities of coffee (nicotine optional) and uncontested use of a computer with Internet access.  It works for me, anyway. Second question – what goes into the creation of an historical novel?  In my experience as both a reader and... Continue Reading →


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