New book – The Night Caller

A shadowy presence is haunting London. Can anyone shine a light on the darkness?

London, 1891

The city is still reeling from the brutal Ripper killings and now women are once more being sexually harassed.

Someone is breaking into their homes, stealing their undergarments and leaving threatening messages behind.

With no valuables stolen and no murders committed the police fail to take the women seriously.

But when Esther Jacobs finds herself personally acquainted with one of the victims, she starts to believe something more sinister could be going on. Enlisting the help of her fiancé, police officer Jack Enright, Esther is determined to solve the mystery.

Are women being targeted at random? Is it the work of a deranged sexual deviant?

Or is this a calculated attack on the women of London?

THE NIGHT CALLER is the second crime thriller in my new series, the Esther and Jack Enright Mysteries.

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