The Enright Saga continues

If you’re going to push your sister off a moving train, don’t do it somewhere where the Enright investigation team might be looking.

When the body of a young woman is discovered inside a railway tunnel in a remote location in Wiltshire, the local police are baffled. Who was she, and where did she come from? Did she fall, did she jump, or was she pushed? Clearly a job for Scotland Yard, who just happen to have Percy and Jack Enright available.

When her identity is discovered, along with her home address, Jack Enright is sent to interview the person who might best be able to explain how she came to be where she died. When Jack rapidly forms the suspicion that this was the person responsible for the woman’s death, Uncle Percy is sent into Wiltshire to collect the evidence to prove it.

But the man is wealthy, well connected, highly respected, arrogant, calm and uncooperative – far from the low intelligence thugs they are accustomed to dealing with. Something more is required to prove his undoubted guilt, and Jack’s long-suffering wife Esther is sent in to work undercover in the man’s business, hoping to penetrate his guard and learn more about his relationship with the victim – his own sister.

Percy and Jack collect the details regarding every minute of the man’s movements on the night in question, and Esther is well placed to advise them of the man’s seedy inclinations under his respectable exterior. All they need is his confession, but they are unlikely to acquire it by conventional means.

However, Percy is far from conventional when it comes to getting results, and he recruits one more member of the Enright family – Jack’s sister Lucy – in order to obtain the admission he needs by means of a cheap theatrical trick. But then he has to explain to his superiors why there is no one available to place on trial.

I’ve been delighted and gratified by the reader response to the first two novels in the Esther and Jack Enright series, and as the family’s literary obstetrician I’m hopeful that this latest story – The Prodigal Sister – will prove equally acceptable. There are at least two more heading your way in the months to come, because the Enrights won’t leave me alone.

The Prodigal Sister is currently available on pre-release from Amazon, with a publication date of 5 June. So curtains drawn, lights dimmed, snacks and drinks to hand, and imaginations sharpened. You are invited to a mysterious death in a Wiltshire railway tunnel.

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